“I have been really impressed with Consilia. By comparing different scenarios I have satisfied myself that I can fully retire in a couple of years’ time and still afford a comfortable lifestyle!”

Malcolm N

“Michelle has been dealing with my family’s financial matters for in excess of 5 years and in that time I have grown to trust and respect Michelle on both a professional and personal level. Michelle has high professional standards and always delivers in accordance with agreed milestones. I find that Michelle is flexible, approachable, resourceful, polite, knowledgeable, a good listener and has a good eye for detail which I believe are essential traits that I expect in a financial planner dealing with what I deem is ultimately highly confidential and life defining information to plan for mine and my family’s fiscal future.On a personal level I strongly believe that Michelle is an excellent “sounding board” and from time to time we discuss items that are indirectly linked to finance and as a result Michelle provides her view as appropriate. Finally, I am willing (without hesitation) to recommend Michelle to anyone who may be in the market to appoint a truly independent financial planner”

Jason C