Directors succession planning for family businesses

The dynamics between the family and the business have quite unique needs and issues that differentiate them from non-family businesses.

Succession planning involves understanding your business in conjunction with your family needs. We help you through the process of succession planning and generational transition, which can involve family loyalty conflicting with business interests. What happens when family members can’t agree on the way forward and things get a little complicated? As your Financial Advisers, we provide an independent and objective viewpoint that can deliver clarity without emotion to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome for both your family and your business.

An integral part of succession planning involves cash flow planning which helps clarify the best way forward and what is needed and/or achievable. We can help you identify the optimal time to sell your business or acquisition timeframe either for your business or personal objectives.

We help you determine your goals for financial independence during your working life through into retirement. Importantly, any shortfalls can be easily identified before making that step.